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Blahhh! has partnered with local Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and Real Estate Companies to offer an exclusive cash back rebate to participating Home Buyers. When you work with one of our Agents, not only do you receive 1% cash back at closing, but you will work with an Agent that is Honest, Professional, and will truly look out for your best interest.

The chart below shows more information on how our program works and how you can receive your 1% Cash Back Rebate.  


Qualifying Terms

  • We do not solicit Home Buyers who are currently working with other Realtors, Agents, or Real Estate Companies. If you are currently working with an Agent, you must cancel or allow your agreement to expire with them before you can enter into a Buyer's Agreement with us.
  • Submit your 1% Buyers Request. After your information has been verified,  you will enter into a Buyer's Agreement with us to represent you as a Buyer.
  • Click here for Cash Rebate Rules.


Home Search

  • Already found a Home.

    Most home buyers already know what area or the community that they would like to stay in before they hire us.  Whether, we find a house for you or not, you are still eligible to receive our cash rebate. However, in order to Represent you must first contact us:
    • Resale: Before you call the Listing Agent or Home Owner about any property you are interested in. We are capable of negotiating, representing, and showing ( accessing ) you any property that interest you. etc.
    • New Communities: Before you sign any documents, call, or preview any property in that community with the on site agent. Remember the on - site agent works for the Builder Seller and not you. By law, we must a comply you on your first visit to any new Home Subdivision or Community.

  • Need help finding a Home.

    Our Agents are hands on when it comes to finding your Dream Home. We have access to new home communities, luxury homes, and to the local mls.

    • Agent will look for homes based upon your housing preference.
    • After you look through the selection of homes provided by your agent, You will select the homes that best suit your needs.
    • Agent will make arrangements with owners to show you those properties.



  • There are many legal documents to consider when Buying a home. Your Agent will handle all necessary paperwork associated with.
    • Review and Submit offers, contracts, and other important documentations.
    • Negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your best interest is not compromised.
    • Click here for Cash Rebate Rules.



  • Your Agent will be there even at the closing to make sure all necessary documents and procedures are in proper order.
    • That's it. You Move into your new home.
    • Your Cash Rebate Check will be issued and processed with in 3 - 5 business days after you close on your property.
    • We will personal hand deliver you your check.



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